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which unco-ordinated private enterprise plays a
large part are necessarily demoralised by the
advantages they enjoy and that they must be
dispossessed by the worker and the peasant, who
are presented as endowed with a collective virtue
capable of running all the complex machinery
of a modern community. But the staring truth
of the matter is that an unco-ordinated scramble
between individuals and nations alike, demoralises
all concerned. Everyone is corrupted, the filch-
ing tramp by the roadside, the servile hand-kissing
peasant of Eastern Europe, the dole-bribed
loafer, as much as the woman who marries for
money, the company promoter, the industrial
organiser, the rent-exacting landlord and the
diplomatic agent. When the social atmosphere
is tainted everybody is ill.
Wealth, personal freedom and education, may
and do produce wasters and oppressive people,
but they may also release creative and admini-
strative minds to opportunity. The history of
science and invention before the nineteenth
century confirms this. On the whole if we are to
assume there is anything good in. humanity at
all, it is more reasonable to expect it to appear
when there is most opportunity.
And in further confutation of the Marxist
caricature of human motives, we have the very